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Brooklinen vs Parachute vs Snowe vs Boll & Branch – Which Are The Best Sheets 2019?

Sarah: Hey gang. It’s Sarah from Sleepopolis. Today, we’ll be comparing four sheet sets from some of the most popular bedding brands, Boll & Branch, Parachute, Snowe, and Brooklinen. Let’s take a look at each sheet set side-by-side so that you can decide which one is best for you. Sarah: First up, we’ve got the Classic Core Sheet Set from Brooklinen, just what I’ve got on the mattress right now. These sheets are made from 100 percent long-staple cotton, feature a percale weave, and a 270 thread count. Basically, they’re going to offer this really soft feel, super light, airy, and breathable, but also this crisp hotel bed feel. When I say crisp, I mean super crisp. Percale sheets already have a tendency to be more crisp than sateen sheets for example, but these are maybe the crispest percale sheets I’ve ever tested. Like I said, they’re also light, airy, and breathable, so if you’re a sleeper who needs help staying cool during the night, or if you’re prone to night sweats, these are going to help keep you cool.

Also, if you love a crisp set of sheets, these might be right up your alley. They also come in this very charming tote bag, which in my opinion is a bonus. Another bonus, in my opinion, is that the fitted sheet is labeled. You can breeze past that fitted sheet shuffling. You’ve got the short side labeled short, long side labeled long. I like little touches like that. Of all the sheet sets we’re looking at here, these are the least expensive, but certainly not sacrificing any quality. The price ranges from about 109 to 140 depending on which size you get, a great value.

On to Boll & Branch. Right now on the mattress, I’ve got the brand’s most popular sheet set which is the Solid Hemmed Sheet Set. These sheets are made from 100 percent long-staple organic cotton, feature a 300 thread count, and a sateen weave. As compared to the percale-woven sheets we just saw from Brooklinen, the sateen weave is going to offer a feel that’s much less crisp and much more silky. Additionally, these, like I said, are certified organic, and they’re also a product of Fair Trade manufacturing. That means that the farming partners of Boll & Branch must be paid a living wage.

For you eco-friendly sleepers out there, if ethically sourced sheets is a big factor for you, you might be particularly compatible with these. They do offer a super smooth hand feel, like I said, very soft. They are a little bit steeper in price as compared to the Brooklinen sheets. They range from about 200 to 295. Again, they’re organic, they’re ethically sourced, they feel very durable, so they might just be worth the investment. Next up we’ve got the sateen set and the percale set from Snowe. I’ve got the percale set on the bed right now, which is why the garment bag that it comes in looks a little thinner than the other one. Both sets are made from 100 percent long-staple Egyptian cotton, which is leaving them both feeling super soft and also very durable. The feel is going to differ depending on the weave. The sateen set is going to bring this silky smooth like we just saw with Boll & Branch. You saw the difference between percale and sateen. The sateen is going to offer a silkier smooth feel, lie a little bit heavier on the body, be a little bit thicker in weight.

Then you’ve got the percale set which is very crisp, again, offering this crisp hotel bed feel, and also be more airy and breathable, helping you to keep a little bit cooler. The reason that these are a little bit different from some other sheet sets from some other brands I’ve tested is that while they do differ in feel, they really don’t differ in appearance. That’s because Snowe, they say it’s a matter of personal preference, prefer their sheet sets to all be matte in appearance. Again, with the sateen set, you’re not going to get that luminous sheen that often comes with a sateen weave.

Again, both very soft, both very durable. I would recommend the percale more to sleepers who need help staying cool and prefer that crisp feel. I’d recommend the sateen to those who maybe prefer their sheets to be a little bit heavier in weight, lie a little bit heavier on the body, but they both are very soft and very durable. Price ranges quite a bit from about 188 to 228. It really depends on the size you get and which sheet set you’re getting. Last but certainly not least are these sheet sets from Parachute. I’ve got the sateen set and the percale set. Similar to the percale and sateen sets we just saw from Snowe, these are made from 100 percent long-staple Egyptian cotton. Again, they’re going to be soft and have a very durable quality. Unlike the sheets that we just saw from Snowe, these are not designed to be similar in appearance. Like I said, with Snowe, they’re both designed to have this matte appearance, not the case with Parachute. We’ve got the sateen set which offers this very pretty, super lustrous sheen. It’s got a really pronounced luminous sheen.

Then you’ve got the percale set which is going to be more matte in appearance, which is also contributing to a lighter color. As far as the feel goes, they’re both very true to their percale and sateen personalities. The sateen is giving me this silky, buttery, smooth feel. It’s going to lie a little bit heavier on the body, offering this body-conforming drape. Then you’ve got the percale which is going to be lighter, airy, more breathable, and do a good job helping to keep you cool throughout the night. I will definitely recommend the percale set to folks who need a little bit more help keeping cool. The sateen is probably going to be better suited for the cooler months when you need a little help keeping warm.

As far as price range goes, pretty similar to Brooklinen, it’s about 109 to 170, depending on which size you get. Again, a great value. We’ve seen what they’re all made of, but let’s just recap all of these sheet sets highlights so you can get a better idea about which one is best for you. As far as the Brooklinen Classic Core Sheet Set, definitely recommending these sheets to sleepers who sleep hot. Of all the sheet sets, they’re definitely going to be the lightest, the coolest, and the most breathable. Additionally, if you love a crisp set of sheets, those are probably going to be right up your alley. Boll & Branch, if ethically sourced sheets is an important factor for you, those are definitely the ones that I’m going to recommend. Also, if you like a sateen sheet set with more of a subtle luster but still that silky smooth feel, they’re going to be a great pick.

As far as Snowe goes, I’m going to say the percale is going to be better for sleepers who run hot. The sateen is going to be better for folks who prefer that subtle luster, but really silky smooth feel. Because they’re made of Egyptian cotton, if, Egyptian cotton, you prefer that specific type of cotton, they’re going to offer that Egyptian cotton quality of durability. The Parachute sheets which admittedly are my personal favorite, they are my personal favorite, because the sateen woven sheet set from Parachute offers such a lustrous sheen. I’m definitely recommending the sateen woven set from Parachute for you sleepers who really prefer that very shiny, luminous sheen. The percale set from Parachute, it’s going to appeal more to sleepers who prefer that matte appearance and sleepers who run hot and need a little bit of help having a breathable sheet set cool them down.

Sarah: That wraps up this review. For every last detail on all of these sheet sets, be sure to check out my full written review which is linked below. I hope you found this video to be helpful. If you did, don’t forget to like and subscribe to our channel and follow us on social media, because we’re always going to be uploading content with one thing in mind, to get you the best sleep you can.

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