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Best Memory Foam Pillows 2019

Katie Golde: Hey guys. It’s Katie from Mattress Clarity, and I want to let you know something. We are not just mattress experts here. We know tons of stuff about sheets, duvets, comforters, mattress protectors and of course bed pillows. One of the most popular types is the memory foam pillow. I reviewed a ton of them myself, and I know that not all memory foam pillows are created equal. What I did was round up my top five favorite ones, and I’m going to over them with you right now, so stick around. Katie: Before we get started, I want to know what pillow you’re already sleeping on. If you already have a memory foam pillow and you’re looking for a new one, or maybe you have a down or down alternative and you’re looking to transition to memory foam, comment below and let me know so I can get an idea of what you guys have and what you’re looking for.

Now let’s talk about my top five picks. These are in no apparent order, but I want to start with the Coop Home Goods Original pillow. Coop Home Goods has two different memory foam pillows. This is the OG and also their most popular pillow. It’s for good reason, because it’s super, super soft on the outside. It’s got a mix of polyester and bamboo-derived viscose for a soft, breathable fill. The inside is stuffed with shredded chunks of memory foam. They’re big chunks. I’m going to unzip it and show it to you. It’s not going to go flat. It’s going to stay lofty and firm. You get to see it right here. Now, for this reason I often recommend it for side sleepers or people with bigger shoulders, because again you’re going to get a lot of pillow. It’s going to come over stuffed, and of course if you need to lower it or take away a little bit of the firmness, you can easily remove some of this material. Also, it has a liner on the inside, so you can take off this cover and machine wash and dry it. It’s really easy to clean, and it’s also hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

Next up on my list of best memory foam pillows is ISO-COOL Traditional bed pillow. Traditional is the shape of this pillow. It comes in contour and a few other ones. The whole ISO-COOL collection of pillows is recommended by the American Sleep Association, which is pretty cool. The reason I like the traditional one especially, is because it has a solid foam filling. I’ll go ahead and unzip it for you so you can see it. It’s ventilated foam, but it’s also on the plusher and flatter side, so you can see your head’s going to sink down pretty far in. I like it for stomach sleepers because it gives you that nice foam option without putting a lot of strain on your neck. The cover is obviously removable, 100 percent cotton, and it has phase change material in it which is basically microscopic beads that help pull heat away from you at night and keep you cool. Next up on the list is Tempur-Pedic’s Tempur-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling pillow. Yes, it’s a big name, but it’s a big pillow. This baby weighs seven pounds, and it’s basically a solid piece of molded memory foam.

It’s dense, it’s heavy, it’s substantial. That’s a nice fit for people who maybe have broader shoulders, sleep on their sides, want something that they’re not going to put their head on and straight to the bottom. It’s not going to move around at night, and it’s certainly not going to flat on you. Plus, both sides have this rectangular piece of cooling gel inside, so it’s going to keep you cool all night long. 100 percent cotton cover that you can remove and machine wash and dry for easy cleaning. The Helix Cool pillow from Helix Sleep is in my top picks for best memory foam pillows for a couple of reasons. First of all, as it’s name suggests it’s a cooling pillow, so it’s good if you’re a hot sleeper. It’s got this nice polyethylene fabric, that cool, slippery knit on the outside. It’s adjustable in a very special way.

If you open it up, you’ll find two inserts, and they’re both filled with a mix of cross-cut memory foam and polyester. You’re getting that nice mix of supportive foam and that downy, fluffier feel. Plus, this outer shell has also got that same filling. If you’re a combination sleeper, maybe you’re not sure what you want and you want to make some adjustments, you can use a combination of these two inserts and this outer cover to find the best fit for you. One of the really nice things is that the whole thing is machine washable and dryable. The last pillow on my list is the Layla Sleep pillow. It’s such an innovative memory foam pillow. I’m going to start with the outer cover because it’s such a soft knit. It’s got a mix of polyester, little bit of Lycra, some viscose, but also copper performance textile which is there to help reduce odor and improve hygiene, which is pretty cool. It’s also adjustable. You could open it up and access this filling. Now, if the filling is 70 percent memory foam chunks and 30 percent Kapok fibers, which act as a natural, downer down alternative feel, which makes the whole pillow really supportive but also very soft, and because it’s adjustable, it works for all sleep positions.

Well, that’s it. That’s my top five favorite memory foam pillows. I hope one of them speaks to you, but of course if you want a more personal recommendation, I can help you narrow your search. Comment below, tell me what you’re already sleeping on and give me a few more details. I’ll do my best. I’ve also got the link to all these reviews in the description below, so don’t hesitate to check them out if you want more details on any of these pillows. That’s it for now, I hope to see you again soon. Thanks. .

Purple Mattress Protector Review – 2019 Update!

Katie: Hey guys. It’s Katie from Mattress Clarity. Today, I’m reviewing the Purple mattress protector. Mattress protectors are a great way to keep your mattress in good shape for as long as possible, and the Purple one’s got a lot of cool features. Can’t wait to go over all of it with you, but first, we’re going to unbox it and get it on the mattress, right now. Katie: A lot of people choose to get a mattress protector because they want that barrier between themselves and the mattress.

You want to protect your mattress from anything that could, potentially, get on it, especially liquids or fluids that could damage or stain your mattress. Tell me. How many of you already have a mattress protector on your bed? Comment, yes, below if you have one, or no, if you don’t. Now let’s talk about the Purple mattress protector. It’s on the bed right now. It’s a very thin, fitted sheet-style mattress protector. That means it goes on like a fitted sheet. It’ll protect the top of your mattress and all four sides. Purple’s is made out of 85 percent polyester, 15 percent spandex. It’s got a lot of stretch going on. They do this as they want to make sure you still get that great pressure relief from your mattress. The material will sink into the bed with you. It will fit all mattresses up to 13 inches deep, but of course, it’s there to complement the Purple mattress, if you have that.

Comes in a huge range of sizes, Twin to California King, including Twin XL, and Full XL, so it’s nice for a dormitory option. It’s easy to get off the bed. You can throw it in the washing machine and dryer. Just make sure you don’t turn it on too high of a heat when you dry it. The Queen size comes in at just under $60. I believe it’s $59 for a Queen, and right now there are no returns and no trial periods offered on the mattress protector. The Purple mattress protector contains materials that are supposed to make it water-absorbent and water-resistant, so of course, we had to put that to the test. We took 10 ounces of water and poured it into a concentrated area on our mattress protector, left it for about an hour, and when we came back to check it, we were pretty surprised that it definitely had resisted going through to the mattress.

It definitely stopped water from getting through, but it hadn’t really absorbed as much as we thought. It did have sort of a pooling effect on the top of the mattress protector. Purple does say it’s supposed to be able to absorb in so that that pooled water or pooled liquid, whatever it might be doesn’t absorb into your own clothes. For us, it was only a minimal amount of absorption, but plenty of resistance. In many cases, it’s great because it did pass our waterproof test. It just didn’t absorb into the mattress protector as much as we thought it would. Here is what I really like about the Purple mattress protector. To me, it feels like a very simple and straightforward protector, but without sacrificing high-quality or durable materials.

It goes on your bed like a dream. It’s easy to take off, and machine wash and dry. It’s doing everything it needs to do to protect your mattress. It passed our waterproof test. It’s a pollen barrier, a dust mite barrier, and it’s hypoallergenic. I love that it fits mattresses up to 13 inches deep. There’s plenty of options out there, and size-wise you can get it in a Twin XL and Full XL, which makes it great for college dorms. Here is some things I want you to think about with regards to the mattress protector. First of all, if you have a mattress that’s on the thinner side, maybe 10 inches or less, there may be some extra material that may cause some rustling, a little bit of noise. It does have a little bit of a plasticky feel to it, and that can generate some noise, essentially. Also, it may be a little bit on the pricey side. It’s $60 for the mattress protector. That’s not terrible, but keep in mind that there’s no return and no trials offered with the protector, so once you’ve got it, it’s yours.

Also, it’s not bed bug-proof. Again, it goes on like a fitted sheet, so the whole bottom of your mattress is exposed. If you’re looking for something bed bug-proof, definitely go with an encasement mattress protector. Here is some additional considerations for you. The first one is size or fit of the mattress protector. The Purple mattress protector is, of course, geared to complement Purple mattresses but can really work on any mattress that’s 13 inches thick or less. Keep in mind, if you have a 10-inch mattress or something on the thinner side, there may be some extra material floating around on top of your mattress. It does have a pretty good grip, but it is possible. That leads me to my next note, which is noise. If you have extra material, it’s more likely or not that you’re going to feel and hear some rustling. Hopefully, now you can hear that this has a little bit more of a plasticky-type sound to it.

If you’ve got thinner sheets like a bamboo bed sheet or something like that you may be able to feel and hear the mattress protector underneath your sheets. Last, but not least, is breathability, something that a lot of people are concerned about, especially if you get a mattress protector that is water-resistant or water-absorbent like the Purple one. For me, I had no issues sleeping hot on here. I thought it really did breathe well. I want to make sure you know that. I think Purple did a great job with their mattress protector. It certainly checked all the marks for us. It resisted water during our waterproof test. It’s easy to get on and off. It’s very thin and not really noticeable under your sheets, especially if you have a mattress that’s around 13 inches thick. Don’t forget that it doesn’t come with any returns or trial offers at this moment. Let us know if you get it. Comment below. Also, let me know if you have any questions. I’ll plan to see you at the next review. Thanks. .