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Thai Street Food Tour in Bangkok, Thailand | BEST Spicy BURNING Street Food Tour with Mark Wiens!

Alright so check it out It’s Trevor James And today I am with Mark Wiens from Migrationology I’ve been looking forward to this day for so long And today we are going for a full on Thai street food tour in Bangkok, Thailand What are we going to eat today? We are going to eat a ton of Thai food And we’re going to really explore the regional variations of Thai food So we are going to eat northern Thai food We’re going to eat central Thai food Isaan food And Southern Thai food In one day? In one day Yeah, we have a lot to eat today This is going to be good Let’s go check it out Hanging out with Mark Wiens in Bangkok And eating Thai street food together was an absolute blast Mark is a Thai food expert based in Bangkok that’s been making mouthwatering street food videos All around the world for years So when Ting ting and I decided to come eat in Thailand We knew that meeting up with Mark was going to be the best way to get deep into the street food scene What we didn’t know Is that it was going to be so spicy that I literally cried So first up is? Southern Thai food Southern Thai And this restaurant is a little way We are at Wang Long market right now We’re going to a place A southern Thai food restaurant about a 5 minute walk from here What’s the characteristics of Southern Thai food Southern Thai food is especially known for curries Spicy food It has some Malay influence Lots of spices Lots of herbs Oh yeah, look at this Alright this is the restaurant right here – Ruam Tai Sawasdee kup So much food So much food here I think they make about 50 different dishes every day There is a lot here And they start early in the morning So much color And there is such a variety of food as well There is a lot of fish dishes But there is some pork dishes And some shrimp Some vegetable dishes Getting hungry just looking at it So this is gaeng som With taro stems Taro stems? Taro stems Wow Look at that That color The next dish we’re getting is gaeng tai pla Which is another staple southern Thai dish Made with fish entrails Fish entrails? Fermented fish entrails That’s gotta be flavorful These look like stink beans But they are actually bean sprout beans They are some kind of sprout In Thai they are called Mucleang They sort of have a stink bean flavor But they are different And it’s in a thick curry The hardest thing about eating in a restaurant like this is holding yourself back From ordering everything Yeah, you want it all right? There is one more dish I just ordered We need it to complete the full spectrum And this is called khua kling Which is a Southern Thai dry curry So it’s basically like a curry with a sauce But then all the sauce has been reduced So it’s all caked on to the meat So all the flavor is there, but it’s dry It’s condensed curry So what do we have here today? This is a very typical spread of Southern Thai food But especially this one is called Gaeng Tai Pla Which is fermented fish entrails curry Fish entrails curry? That sounds bold Guts, yeah This is also a very common southern Thai dish Which is called Gaeng som And it is a sour curry With lots of turmeric Fish entrails What else is in here? Those are chunks of bamboo shoot And there is long bean in there And eggplant as well Cheers My mouth is watering Oh yeah The flavor really hits you That is bold It is super spicy and strong And you can taste that fermented fish entrails It’s like oils and juices squeezing out Oh yeah Oh that is amazing After feasting on this huge southern Thai breakfast with Mark Dish by dish From sour curry soups packed with turmeric And fried fish with fresh birds eye chilies And a whole spread of other flavor intense dishes I can confidently say that if you’re into spice You’re going to love southern Thai food on your first bite The flavors will literally knock your senses away You’ll even start to get a little dizzy Living in Sichuan I though this was spicy But that was before we even went for lunch That was incredible Awesome food Sawasdee kup That was incredibly satisfying We just had an amazing Southern Thai breakfast feast And now we are just walking through a little market here on the street And on our way to our next meal Deep fried good Next up we are going to go for Isaan food, which is Northeastern food Excellent The little street food market that we passed on our way to Isaan food Was so long and full of different snacks That you could spend an entire month here and not taste everything From little rice and curry shops To specialty street foods Mark and I found a quick little street waffle before our Isaan lunch feast that made me cry So what do we have here? This snack is called khanom thum tak And they are kind of like waffles They put the batter into these little molds And then they have a variety of little fillings One of them is coconut One of them is Khoi tom which is an egg yolk candy Which she is dishing out right over there It’s an egg yolk candy And there is cream in there, there is sugar It’s sweet It’s like a cross between a waffle and a taco Grab a piece of that man Oh there it is Beauty Cheers That is ultra sweet It tastes like there is whipped cream in there Yeah, it’s like a meringue I think it’s white egg whites And it’s so fluffy And now we are getting into the fire Mark brought me to try one of the spiciest meals I’ve ever eaten An Isaan lunch feast with so many raw chilies That I began crying It’s been an amazing morning Hanging out with Mark Such amazing food I’m so happy to hang out and eat with Mark And now we’re moving up for an Isaan feast Northeastern Thai food Grilled chicken wings, Man Grilled chicken, oh right here? Look at all the grilled chicken wings Insane Mark brought me to eat the most authentic Isaan food in Bangkok And as soon as you walk up, you know this is the real deal Because you see the papaya salad chef, wearing safety goggles to protect her eyes from the spice Now that’s Isaan Oh, look at this It’s all here This is all Isaan food from the Northeastern region of Thailand This is one of the greatest restaurants in Bangkok So what’s unique about Isaan? A lot of “mixtures” Mixtures in English for lack of better work would call them salads Really in Thai they are more mixtures Because this is a laab Which is a mix of different ingredients Have pounded In Thai they are called pounded They pound up the chilies They pound up the dressing They add all of the green papaya here and tomatoes Lots of ingredients and crab and fermented fish sauce We have the grilled chicken wings which this restaurant is known for My mouth is watering So much going on here And then what about over here? This is a soup A northeastern soup It’s sour, it’s full of herbs There is some intestines in there Oh, great Also, another key characteristic of Isaan food is that the staple is sticky rice So rather than like for where we ate this morning the staple is regular rice Where you eat off a plate like that This is sticky rice Oh yeah, that’s full of sticky rice That’s like a cup of sticky rice That is beautiful Cheers And then you can dip it into the dressings So if we start with this salad This green papaya salad This is the fermented fish with crab You can soak up some of that juice You can see chilies in that dressing as well Oh yeah That is fermented It has a kick to it A little sour The lime juice in there is pungent That is the definition of flavor right there Power flavor Yeah, there’s fermented crab in here Fermented fish sauce Dried chilies All of the green papaya These are call met khatin That is intensely spicy Wow That flavor man That is incredible That is painful pleasure right there I’m burning That is really hot Oh man That’s a combination of dried chilies and fresh chilies That is I’m speechless here That is extremely extremely spicy Yes man It’s so good That is just pure joy mixed with pain It’s such a- Your mouth is on fire but it feels so good It feels like alive It’s like a wave It starts off slow and then you get this spicy peak, and then you cool down That is real flavor here My eyes are watering Have a teardrop coming down I’m crying it’s so good Tears of joy Shall we try the catfish salad? This one is a larb made with catfish We saw her out there making it She deboned the catfish She mixed it with all the dressing There is lime juice in there There is fish sauce There is chili flakes And then those little white things you can see Are roasted sticky rice which is pounded into a powder This is a really good catfish salad In Isaan you can say Sab lai Which means not only delicious but also packed full of flavour There is so many intense flavors here And after that delicious and powerful lunch Mark and I made our way to Or Tor Kor Market A local gourmet market where everything is available Which an overhwlming selection But we came here specifically to try the Northern Thai cuisine This market is called Or Tor Kor Market It’s a higher end Thai food market but it’s still very local There’s a lot here And it’s very good quality And an amazing food paradise Wow it just keeps going There is so much here It seems like it’s upper market And we came here for Northern food They have everything available in this market But since we have other places to eat We came here specifically for Northern Thai food So what are we trying here So she just told me this is a chili dip made with crab eggs I think it’s the crab roe Yeah the crab roe The creamy part? The yellow crab roe inside of the crab And you can suck that stuff out Look at this We were not planning to eat this at all But they are so friendly And I asked them what is good There is cabbage I think that is young galangal So we can just dip this in We can just dip yeah See the yellow from the roe Oh it’s like a soon That is a big spoon man The yellow roe And I can smell the fresh chilies It smells pungent Oh we should have a smell of this actually Oh, it’s citrusy Alright man Ohhhh Oh yeah Wow She is smiling back there Aroy It’s really really refreshing That roe Is actually quite creamy It’s almost like egg yolk Yeah It’s a little bit sweet A little bit spicy Very refreshing A little citrus in there I taste some meaty bits in there We can buy another one for the girls Here is a northern Thai food stall here All sorts of Northern Thai dishes What shall we try? Definitely, we are going to have Gaeng hung Lae This is Gaeng Hanglae Which is one of the more popular You get that scooped Gaeng Hanglae Pork belly Nice Ok we just got two different dishes This one is called Gaeng Hanglae And this is a very popular northern Thai curry There is big chunks of pork in there There is a blend of spices And then there is also ginger in there And peanuts It looks like there is no coconut milk, kind of like a masaman Yeah, similar With a little bit of a different paste blend But it does have a kind of sweet and sour curry taste to it This is another dish that is called Gaeng het po And this is a type of mushroom curry Looks like little river rocks They are like very smooth looking Oh look at it’s oily Oh it’s oily Look at that There is definitely oil in there It’s rich Oh yeah Oh that is really good Oh it tastes like sweet caramelized onions And the ginger in there Oh it’s actually just like lightly sweet Not too sweet Sometimes it can be sweeter And after a quick walk through the market and tasting that heavenly sweet caramelized onion flavored pork belly curry We made our way for our final stop of the night A central Thai street food dinner If you’re in Bangkok You can follow our route Because we covered all 4 major Thai cuisines and it’s all doable in one day This restaurant is called Tom Yum Goong Banglamphu Tom Yum goong They specialize in Tom Yum Sawasdee Kup Wow look at all this So we’re ordering some central Thai here We’re going to order some central Thai We’re going to get some Tom Yum Goong We’re going to get some fried shrimp And maybe some water morning glory This is Tom Yum master Yeah, he is tom yum master Cool Tom Yum Goong master here This is the tamale from the shrimp The head oil That aroma! That is aromatic This looks like it has the true flavor of the street This is real tom yum man Wow! Apart from ordering from the Tom yum master Who serves up a tom yum so aromatic And packed with galangal, lemongrass, lime, and a generous portion of shrimp head butter We also got to taste his sons cooking Starting by ordering a huge fried omelette That puffed up and turned into an almost huge bubble as it sputtered under the heat of the oil He also cooked the most juicy prawns that were slightly sweet And caramelized in oyster sauce that we both couldn’t stop eating This is true Thai street food heaven This just looks insanely This is aromatic So much going on here, and this is central Thai This is central Thai food Especially the Tom Yum Goong And then some of the dishes have a Chinese influence My mouth is watering This is shrimp butter And actually I just recently learned the name for it which is tamale Which is the head butter And you’ve gotta get it with some of that broth Ahh man Dude That shrimp head butter That is what it’s about Dude, that is so rich It’s sour And citrusy Citrusy There are chilies in here It’s just superb This tom yum will bring you to the next level Take off the heads and grab the Oh look at the cream Oh yeah dude They just ooze It’s oozing, the cream Im just going to bite that body Oh, did you see that? I ripped off the head and it slingshotted It’s oozing cream Cheers I think I got some shrimp juices rolling down my chin That creaminess of the shrimp is unbelievable They are so silky Yeah That texture is amazing And then with that tom yum flavour over top Dude, that actually tastes like whipped cream Oh yeah That’s what it is And you can just suck the cream right out Oh yeah You can just suck out the head butter What an overwhelming experience this has been today Eating all of this amazing food with you Thank you so much for showing me around Bangkok It’s been an amazing time It’s been absolutely fantastic hanging out with you Yeah, it really has Someone who is obsessed with food And not only enthusiastic about food But I love the way how you also respect the culture And how you enjoy trying new foods as well Thank you I think we eat well together Yeah we do, that’s right That was amazing All that food And we managed to compete the 4 regional variations Yeah in one day! You’re writing a blog post about this? Yeah, definitely So you’re going to have to if you haven’t already Subscribe to Mark Wiens’s Youtube channel, Migrationology And check out his blog post Mark makes some of the best street food and travel videos on Youtube So you gotta go check it out Really, what a pleasure to hang out and eat with you today Yeah man What a food fulfilling day today It was great