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Concierge 4pc Down Alt. Comforter Duvet Set

It’s like you know we’re taught was talking about the start of you know the holiday season 88 days till Christmas I know I know I know don’t yell at me don’t yell at me the way it is but what we are doing here is we are getting you ready with this duvet set so this is listen to what you’re getting a lot of times we say oh I duvet that’s nice you’re getting a duvet and then you’re getting a you know you’re getting two shams that is great no we are giving you the comforter the coroner is included it is four pieces that is crazy and we have so many color choices this is a customer pick on hsn.com with 152 reviews it is 4995 this was a hundred dollars a hundred dollars it was a customer pick with 152 reviews now you’re getting over 24 99 this is what you are getting the reversible duvet color a cover it is a damaged stripe on one side solid on the other and then the down alternative comforter you’re getting a comforter and two shams so for half the price of just the duvet set getting the comforter and the duvet set I don’t even know how to say I know this is a crazy one but at this price it is insane because you know I have microfiber is so strong I have the basic white comforters for more than forty nine ninety five so you’re getting a down alternative comforter that is box quilted it is a nice medium fill so it is good for year-round use and we actually died it to match the duvet cover so it is nice because if it does tend to show you don’t see it because dyed to match it has a button enclosure so the duvet covers are great because you can just take this cover off and throw it in the wash if you don’t want to wash everything but the comforters washable is what is but sometimes honestly if you’re washing a comforter it takes a long time to dry it and I don’t want to go through all that that’s what did I say about the duvets and maybe you have got pets and you’ve got to wash it more frequently than most people but we got so many colors we do and this is the the aqua that’s on the bed remember you are getting the matching shams and these are all done in a dama stripes I love that because you get almost like a mat and a sheen look to it is very pretty with a 2 inch flange but we also have some really fun colors we have the lavender right here on the end we have that blue which is like superhero blue blue you see that it is black we have black and people love black in microfiber because it’s going to stay black you don’t wash it and it turns gray microfiber really keeps his color so you don’t have to be afraid of this in black same with the gray same with the white great hotel inspired oh yeah there’s a five-star hotel I mean where you’ve got a white all through the bed love that love it aqua the ivory the beige next to that and then you have that soft coral on top which what I like about that coral is I think that would transition great in the fall you know what I mean why not much summary it is like a nice warm coral it is but I just can’t get over how soft it is what made me fall in love with microfiber is make me fall in love with this set oh definitely and there you can really get an idea so think of your bedroom think of that large piece of furniture in there that your bed and think what an impact this piece will have maybe you’re looking at your bedroom you’re saying you know what I got add some color I got it hain’t and then you realize you got to drag all the furniture after all this horrible stuff yeah just get this instead yeah you know where the paint the trim work done work that is enough to put you over there no well taking down everything and losing everything and putting the top of everything I just you know not that you never want to paint but you can do this is step one if you want to add in color this is really a great way to change the look and you can see that it does reverse so you have the stripes on one side and then the back is actually done in a solid this is microfiber I want to talk about microfiber because can I get in this bed yes I will tell you right now so comfy microfiber this is the bed that you’re going to take a nap on top of right is that you know we have a lot of very decorative bedding and I think that’s very pretty and I love it and I’m not saying that I don’t but if you’re the one that wants your dog your cat your toddler your husband everybody takes a nap and lands on you this is like super super soft and so comfy I always say with a comforter you know a lot of it is freezing in the studio comforters out there are not comfortable and one thing that comes collection all of our comforters are very very comfortable so this one is super soft it is cool to the touch it is really lightweight we say it feels like a rose petal because that is really the feel of microfiber this is a huge customer pick the set and I will tell you something else you can do with this you can actually split this up if you want maybe you have a comforter that you don’t love you could actually use the duvet cover on that and then have a solid comforter that you can do something else with completely your writing all four pieces the two shams the cover and the comforter itself it’s a great by 24 dot 98 cents to get home and I don’t know if we’ve really impressed upon you what a big special this is because what we’re doing is we’re taking something that at the full price of a hundred dollars was a customer pick with 52 reviews and what we’ve done is we’ve basically taken the price and cut it in half and then we’ve taken that in half again so you give us twenty-four dollars and 98 since we mail it to you you get to keep it for 30 day money-back guarantee if you decide you love it you want to keep it it’s only another 2498 this is without a doubt like a steal I you know what the only reason why this wasn’t in 10 faves is I don’t think we have enough of them to you know to go around from all day because that lives on hsn.com all day long this is a very limited quantity Ellen and I are definitely gonna be taking a nap and this was something I really saw is such a great set because I love to decorate my bedroom in solids because what you can do then is you can have fun with pillows with artwork you can just pick a color and then accident with your sheets and we have really great colors you know these are fun the white the gray the black I mean you could do a whole story with your sheets and your comforter set if you want to do color how about this blue I love how that plays with the Aqua these two together so pretty you know you can really have fun bye you know mixing and matching the lavender is nice if you want to switch it up this would be pretty with the gray and then look at that the neutrals the beige the ivory the coral these are really really nice together as well so few to get if you get two sets for two different rooms you can move there the price of one yeah exactly since you’re getting two for the price of one you can move them around to do the duvet on one you know the shams another mix mix the colors around we are getting very busy use Express automated ordering or go to hsn.com this is one of these specials like we’re kind of treating you for you know being up in the middle of the night or really early in the morning and we don’t have enough of these to kind of do a big primetime presentation of it because it is just I mean so I mean you’re getting a comforter you’re getting a duvet in a sham set and a separate comforter that is dyed to match in that supersoft microfiber it’s all machine washable reversible duvet cover damask stripe on one side color on another the solid color on the other the down alternative comforter it is hypoallergenic down alternative machine washable comforter included and then two shams and we do have sizing choices you can get a twin you can get this in a full/queen size or you can get it in a king size imagine a king-size comforter king-size shams and a king-sized duvet all four 4995 I oh and the twin is available and it has a different item number by the way it’s the same price right Dan ok so it’s 38 50 55 I just wanted to show you that so if you’re ordering the twin but it’s it’s a it’s only three piece set because you get only one sham for one pillow with the twin just want you know that there is also technology built into the fabric so that it does have that stain release it has moisture wicking capabilities I mean we really went all out with this set it is hypoallergenic it is a great color vehicle for your bedroom you have that down alternative fill and why do we love microfiber because it feels amazing it looks always great because it does not wrinkle it does not fade and it does not shrink and guess what else is really lightweight so this is a nice easy set to wash whether you’re watching the entire thing the comforter and the cover or you’re just peeling that cover off and laundering that and there’s even some high-end features on here did you remember this about this is really what is crazy for especially at this price point but one of the things that drives me crazy about a duvet cover and a comforter is a lot of times it will slip around it won’t stay inside we actually put a little button in the corner and there is a tab on your comforter so that you can actually attach it this is a feature that is on very high end duvets and covers it is included with this so when you wait your Dube yeah because it does slasher it a lot of times you’ll put it in and then it just creeps down to the end of the bed this is all four corners will have this little button and tab so you can button your comforter right inside so it is really really easy I have this on my son’s bed and he is a teenager now you know it’s hard sometimes when you’re transitioning to know what to put on a bed I think it’s hard sometimes a guest room because you don’t want to make it to personalize so that you might feel like you don’t want to do your flowers if you definitely win your dark and you’re like okay this is really that beautiful hotel inspired look and think about it you could pick your favorite color maybe you have a great piece of art that you love pick one of these colors that brings that out and what a difference you know put that art somewhere in your bedroom it’s been 49 dot 95 and you look like a designer came in and redid your room and this is one of those easy looks and like Helen said it is not only pretty it is super comfortable and not only that if you do have you know one of those you like to just live in your bed you don’t like anything fussy you want to have your pet sleep with you you want to have your kids in the bed this is the perfect set for you because you don’t have to baby this at all it is super easy remember you can separate it out you can take the comforter out and use it on a completely different bed if you want and you get the duvet set it is all included you’re getting all the pieces and maybe or somebody that like when you make the bed you just want to like I’m done you don’t want to do 25 decorative pillows a hat and a scarf you just want to be done with it this is going to be perfect for you and it’s going to look very neat very well put together and it is going to look luxurious and it’s going to feel luxurious so you’re getting the duvet cover which is reversible from damage to solid the down alternative comforter all machine washable and two shams if you get the full/queen size or the king size the twin if you order the twin you’re only getting one sham but you’re getting twin comforter twin duvet twin sham because you one pillow with a twin bed you can’t fit a bunch of exactly and you know you think about it you know maybe there is a color that you’re really liking right now this is like what you could spend on a pillow and you’re driving your you hire bed your inner yeah it really is a great time to update and I don’t know about you but I’ve been you know kind of changing my home around for fall I love to kind of mix it up the sets always give you great ideas of what you can do at home but these are colors that you can easily take into your bedroom or your guest bedroom think about your guest bedroom when’s the last time you redid it people coming for Thanksgiving do you always leave that door shut because you don’t want to take the time to do that room this is an easy makeover I mean for the price of my gosh you couldn’t we get sheets for this now you’re getting a duvet a cover and the shams all for under fifty dollars all for under fifty dollars but I will tell you that this is something that you can’t see it’s super soft it’s hard to do feel a vision on television but this is all microfiber so if you’ve gotten microfiber sheets and you love them because it feels like rose petals this is what this is all microfiber the Aqua that’s on the bed by the way is the most popular and will be the first to go under twenty-five dollars to get home a massive savings on this i believe it’s I mean yeah it’s half off as fifty dollars off fifty percent off the HSN price twenty four dollars and 98 cents to get home you remember you’re getting a comforter that’s really the crazy part I mean I would say oh it’s a duvet yet what a great deal on a duvet know if you’re getting a comforter a duvet and the Sham it is and you know maybe you have maybe you’re excited about fall and you think I’ve got that great leopard throw or that leopard blanket how about the black would that be so old you know I was going to say black I don’t think I’ve ever seen an all black comforter hope I mean I think that that would be really be gorgeous stunning to do a room in this and then do some you know leopard Allison even a couple animal pillows or something like that is so great I mean this is a really fun way to to change your bedroom and I know how much all of our customers love microfiber inner sheets so that is why we are doing a lot of this for the top of your bed because when you back much comfort around you you don’t want to layer something that’s not comfortable on top of it so this will just keep it going to the top of the bed and I’m your favorite color and at twice the price 152 reviews make this a customer pick half-price fifty percent off you’re getting the duvet you’re getting a full comforter that is the same color if you get the aqua duvet you get an aqua comforter and then you get two shams I want to make sure I tell everybody you’re getting you’re getting all crazy I’m everything where you’re getting 3850 54 we’re going to take a little break and then Ellen and I are gonna come back and we’ve got another 15 minutes or 10 minutes of concierge collection