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Tuft & Needle Sheets Review –

Sarah: Hey, guys. It’s Sarah from Sleepopolis. If you’re watching this video, it’s probably because you’re wondering about Tuft & Needle sheets. You’re in luck because today, I’m going to review every sheets that the Tuft & Needle has to offer. Stick around. Sarah: Hey. In front of me, I’ve got the Jersey Sheet Set, the Linen Sheet Set, and the Percale Sheet Set. I’m going to start with the Percale. I’ve got the Percale Sheet Set on the mattress now. As I was dressing the mattress with this bedding, the first thing I noticed, it’s got a very crisp and cool hand-feel. Additionally, as I was billowing the top sheet over the mattress, I was feeling the air flow through the fabric. I was getting a good idea that these sheets are going to be nice and breathable and are going to do a good job of keeping me cool, which I love because I am a hot sleeper.

Another thing I’m liking is that the nice ivory color, which the folks at Tuft & Needles call it sand, I’m liking that it’s a nice break from white cotton sheets which I see a lot of. I think it’s adding a pretty aesthetic value. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly these sheets are made of. These sheets are made from 100 percent Supima cotton. The Supima cotton is widely regarded as a luxurious, superior type of cotton.

Why? Because Supima cotton exclusively uses extra-long fibers. That extra-long fiber factor is contributing to an overall boost in quality, better durability, better color retention, resistance to pilling. For those reasons, some sleepers tend to prioritize Supima cotton. Additionally, Supima cotton is exclusively grown and harvested in the US. There’s a cool Made-in-America factor at play there as well. These sheets are percale-woven. They’re going to give you a matte appearance, not at all shiny as compared to sateen woven sheets. Additionally, they’re giving you this cool, crisp hand-feel. These are the sheets that you’re going to often find at a hotel bed, this breathable, crisp, cool feel. They are very breathable. When I was billowing the sheets over the mattress, I could feel the air flowing through the fabric. They’re definitely keeping in line with that percale personality, crisp, cool, light and breathable. Every sheet set comes with two pillowcases which, by the way, feature those envelope closures that I love because you’re not getting that pillow spillage out of the side when you don’t have envelope closures.

One top sheet and one fitted sheet able to accommodate mattresses up to 14 inches deep, pretty deep mattresses. There’s a lot that I’m liking about these sheets. First of all, they’re made from 100 percent Supima cotton. That’s giving me better durability, good color retention, resistance to pilling and wonderful things like that that I know are going to help my bedding to last me a good long while. Another thing I’m liking about these sheets is they feature a cool and breathable percale weave.

If you’re hot sleeper, like myself, this might be particularly beneficial for you. Percale-woven sheets, in general, are going to be better at keeping you cool than sateen woven sheets, for example. After rolling around in this bedding, I would say they did a good job of dissipating my body heat. Lastly, I’m liking the look of these sheets. They evoke this fresh, clean, livable hotel bed vibe that I think is really charming. Also, the pillowcases feature these nice envelope closures which, in my opinion, adds to the clean look of the sheet set. Before you commit to this sheet set, there are a few things I think you should consider. This is totally a matter of personal preference, but because these are percale-woven, they are going to be matte in appearance, not at all shiny or lustrous. If you are aiming for bedding that’s got this shiny luster to it, you should probably stick to something that’s sateen.

If you want to know more about the difference between percale and sateen-woven bedding, you should definitely check out my percale versus sateen article on sleepopolis.com. Another thing about the percale weave is it’s giving a great cooling properties. It’s very breathable. It’s light and airy. If you’re looking for warm and cozy bedding, this might not hit the mark for you. I can’t guarantee that’s going to keep you warm in the cooler months, so that’s something to consider. Another percale trait that I’m definitely seeing in this bedding is a vulnerability to wrinkling. I would say, even right out of the package, they were already pretty wrinkled throughout. Again, this isn’t specific to this bedding. It’s definitely a percale trait.

However, these sheets are machine-wash and dryable. If I were you, I would remove them from the dry cycle as soon as it’s finished, spread them out over the mattress when they’re still warm. That should serve to keep the wrinkles at bay. Sarah: Moving on to the Jersey Sheet Set. My first impressions of this sheet set is while they are yellow, I have to say I wasn’t sure that I was going to like a sheet set that is this yellow, but I’m loving it. It’s super vibrant. Additionally, I was looking on Tuft & Needle’s website. This sheet comes in all sorts of playful and unique colors, like this really pretty rose color and periwinkle. I’m loving this break from white cotton sheets. As I was dressing the mattress with this sheet set, I was feeling how super light and airy they are. They offer a totally different feel as compared to the cotton percale sheets that we just looked at. The folks in Tuft & Needle say that sleeping in these sheets is like sleeping in a big, cool T-shirt.

I have to say that’s pretty accurate. As I was rolling around in this bedding, it does have this very cool, cotton T-shirt feel that is very uniquely cozy and soothing on my skin. Let’s take a closer look at exactly what these sheets are made of. Like I said, these are jersey sheets. That means that they are knit, not woven like percale or sateen sheets, for example. If you want to know more about the differences between these textile manufacturing techniques, I do dive into deeper detail in my full written review which is linked below. Most jersey knit sheets are made from 100 percent cotton. They’re known for being super light and breathable, like I said, giving you the cool T-shirt vibes, but these jersey sheets are special because they’re made from a blend of cotton and Tencel. Tencel is one of my favorite extra ingredients to add to cotton because it’s, first of all, derived from sustainably sourced wood pulps. You’re getting an eco-friendly aspect there. Also, Tencel is known for being super smooth, very absorbent and moisture-wicking. Not only is the jersey knit giving you this breezy, cooling breathable feel, but the Tencel inside is working to keep you extra dry and fresh.

So far, I’m loving the sheets that’s for hot sleepers. Each sheet set comes with two pillowcases which, again, feature those envelope closures that I love, one top sheet and one fitted sheet capable of accommodating mattresses up to 14 inches deep. What am I loving about this sheet set? First of all, jersey knit sheets like this offered this cozy T-shirt feel that’s definitely unique to this style of bedding.

If the idea of rolling around in a big, comfy T-shirt appeals to you, I would definitely give these a try. Additionally, the Tencel that’s in this fabric is bringing great absorbent and moisture-wicking properties to the game. Sleepers who are prone to heating up, sleepers who are prone to night sweats, these sheets are going to work extra hard to keep you feeling fresh and dry.

Another thing that I’m loving about this sheet set, in general, is it comes in a wide range of very playful colors that you don’t often see. I don’t know about you, but I do get tired of white, and gray, and beige. Sleepers looking to play around with their bedroom aesthetic, I would definitely give this a try. Additionally, they’re a great value coming in at about 70 bucks for a queen-size set. Sleepers on a budget, I’m looking at you. There’s some things about the sheet set that some folks might consider to be drawbacks. Because these sheets are knit and not woven, they are going to be thinner and less durable. They also come with a shorter warranty than the other sheets that we’re looking at here.

Of course, they also come with a lower price tag. These sheets are going to be ideal for sleepers on a budget who aren’t looking for long-term use out of their sheets. Again, these sheets are very light, very thin. They’re not going to keep you warm. If you are looking for sheets that are more substantial, certainly keep you a little more warm and cozy, I would probably look elsewhere. Lastly, while I like the color of these sheets, not everybody is going to. In fact, this particular sheet set does not come in white or beige. I think the most mainstream it gets is gray or charcoal. Sleepers who are looking for a more subtle bedroom aesthetic, you might want to look elsewhere. Sarah: Last but certainly not least is the Linen Sheet Set.

I’m not going to lie. First impressions, I can already tell that this sheet set is going to be my favorite. First of all, I’m loving the way it looks. It’s got this casually lived-in, rustic aesthetic that I think is very charming. Again, I’m loving the colors across the board that Tuft & Needle has to offer. This deep charcoal gray is so very pretty. I will say that I’m not always the biggest fan of linen bedding because it is more coarse. Sometimes, to me, it feels a little bit too rough. I’m feeling pretty surprised right off the bat that these are maybe the softest linen sheets I’ve ever tested. They’ve got a soft, flexible quality that is not always the case with linen bedding. Like I said, linen can be a little bit rougher, a little bit more stiff.

Let’s look at exactly what these sheets are made of. These sheets are made from 100 percent linen which has a reputation for its uniquely coarse texture. Why are these so soft? They’ve been garment-washed, which is essentially a textile manufacturing technique used to reduce that coarseness and make them feel more soft and more flexible. You’re still getting the great durability that comes with linen. They’re still very breathable like linen, but they’re less rough in feel. They still got that gently massage and quality that is so characteristic of this fabric. We are definitely getting a smoother feel. Like I said, I don’t love the roughness of linen, so I’m really liking this garment-washed feel. Something that we still are getting with linen that’s my favorite property of linen is its thermoregulating, which means it adapts to your body’s temperature. When you’re feeling hot, it’s going to serve to be breathable, dissipate body heat, cool you down. It’s also moisture-wicking. When you’re feeling cold, it’s a great insulator. That’s definitely a big perk to linen bedding. Every sheet set comes with two pillowcases which, again, feature those fabulous envelope closures for a cleaner look, one top sheet and one fitted sheet able to accommodate mattresses up to 14 inches deep.

There’s a lot that I’m loving about this sheet set. First of all, linen is considered one of the most durable fabrics out there. These are definitely no exception as far as I’m concerned. As I was rolling around in bed, I could feel how strong they are. I can tell that they’re built to last. Speaking of built to last, linen is also known for its wonderful thermoregulating properties. That means it’s going to adapt to your body’s temperature. Of all the sheet sets we’re looking at here, these are the ones that are going to last you all year round. Feel free to use them in the hot climate, the cold climate.

It’s going to adapt to your body’s temperature, no matter what. If you’re worried about, maybe, having some bad experiences with linen fabric being way too rough and bristly, trust me, I totally get it. However, because these have been garment-washed, they’ve reduced a lot of that coarse, rough texture. They feel very soft and smooth. I would definitely give these a try. A couple things to consider about these sheets before you commit. While I find it to be very charming, not everyone’s going to be into the casually lived-in, wrinkled look that linen bedding usually offers. These are definitely no exception. They do have a wrinkly aesthetic. If you’re not into that, these might not be for you.

Additionally, because linen is so durable and so breathable and thermoregulating, it does tend to come with a higher price tag. These are the most expensive sheets on this list here, ranging from about $175 to $225 depending on the sheets that you get. That wraps up this review. For every last detail on all three of these sheet sets, be sure to check out my full written review, which is linked below. If you’re curious about Tuft & Needle mattresses, just google Sleepopolis Tuft & Needle, it will be the first thing that pop up. I do hope you found this review to be helpful. If you did, be sure to like and subscribe to our channel. Follow us on social media. While you’re at it, drop us a comment in the comments section below to let us know which three of these sheets set was your favorite. We’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for watching, guys. We’ll see you next time. .