Top 5 best bamboo pillows 2018

Home Decor USA presents five best bamboo pillows so let’s get started with the list the best coupe HomeGoods bamboo memory foam pillow the adjustable pillow from coupe home goods features a special cover with a 40 percent bamboo 60% polyester blend for enhanced breath ability and durability made entirely in the United States the pillow uses patent-pending memory foam technology that can be tailored to suit any sleep position in Ed’s machine washable and with a five-year warranty the coop HomeGoods bamboo shredded memory foam pillow is certified assertable us for content and emissions number to snuggle petty cultural luxury bamboo shredded memory foam pillow this is another shredded memory foam style model in the premium bedding category it features a patented cool flow technology and a micro vented cover to help keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night while other adjustable memory foam bamboo pillows require some guesswork the snuggle pedak stands out because you can have one of their sleep experts adjusted for you for an ideal fit based on your unique preferences number three Stream Comfort slim shredded memory foam bamboo pillow this pillow is designed specifically for stomach sleepers who make up only 7% of the population it has a thinner profile than traditional models that you see on TV but still contains the same premium quality shredded memory foam people who sleep on their stomach tend to complain of neck and shoulder issues and the slimmer design of the stream comfort pillow can mean instant relief for those problems number 4 brento at home zuma therapeutic foam instead of being a traditional pillow the Brentwood is a wedge that elevates your upper body and legs the gradual slope of the wedge can also be used for lying on your side for extra support while this product is originally intended as a therapeutic pillow it’s also incredibly useful as a prop against the headboard for reading in bed number five zen bamboo ultra plush gel pillow these pillows are known for their gel-filled fiber that maximizes comfort they also feature a special no shift construction which prevents your head from sliding around and waking you from restful sleep in addition to the superior level of comfort the Zen bamboo product line is stain resistant so those weird yellow stains that tend to pop up on pillows over the years won’t appear on these the price point of Zen bamboo is hard to beat some users think that gel fiber is too squishy but that is definitely in the minority

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